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Toozly is Australia’s largest job search website specifically for people with disabilities.

We connect with over 100 National Employment Service Providers and Disability Services to bring your vacancies to many thousands of skilled, experienced and capable talent with disabilities throughout Australia and New Zealand. 1 in 5 Australians have a disability. Studies have shown people with disabilities take 60% less sick leave, remain with one employer longer and have fewer workplace accidents. [*Graffam et al] Diversity and Inclusion have also been shown to increase workplace morale and improve customer and stakeholder satisfaction and approval. It makes good business sense to hire hard working, reliable staff through Toozly. Our job seekers are ready to work across all industries and in all positions from entry level to upper management. *Graffam et al, Victoria, 2002, ‘Employer benefits and costs of employing a person with a disability’, Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, Vol 17, pp 251-263