An intensive one-day HR workout to develop strategies and actions to successfully cross the chasm!


Based on insights and projections from the book 

HR on the Precipice in the Future of Work   
by Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith & Karen Cariss

Delegates will explore emerging business and HR challenges and develop practical strategies to navigate their career and their organisation into the future.


  • An understanding of how the transformation of the workforce and workplace will impact the future of human capital and talent management.
  • Working knowledge of the 3 critical intelligences that will future-proof HR and how to master these.  
  • Practical strategies developed with cross-industry peers for HR leaders to navigate their career and organisation into the digital age.


Number of participants 6-20 participants
Duration 1 day program
Dates / Period Mutually agreed dates between July to December 2017
Venue Onsite at your premises


HR leaders & senior HR professionals.


Australia: AUD $8,950 plus GST

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Time Session
8:45am Arrival and Registration
9:00am Opening Keynote: HR on the Precipice in the Future of Work.

Change is occurring at breakneck speed as the digital revolution rolls across the business landscape, disrupting and energising everything in its path. Almost every facet of work is being challenged: from where and when we work, to how, with what and with whom. Human resources (HR) practices of the past are failing fast and a clear pathway forward is not readily apparent.

This opening presentation sets the scene for the program and introduces:

  • The digital transformation that is occurring before our eyes and its implication for the future of work.
  • Emerging science and technology and what this will mean for workforce management.
  • The changing nature of the relationship between employers and employees.
  • The dissection of traditional HR models and practices, questioning the real role and contribution of HR in this future.
9:45am Elephant in the Room

What are the elephants in the room for your company and HR team in the future of work?

This interactive session sets the tone for the level of contribution required during the Bootcamp.  Delegates expose ‘elephants in the room’ and these are discussed and addressed throughout the day.

10:00am  The 3 HR Intelligences

There is a shift in the skills and mindsets necessary for HR to survive and excel. We define these skills and mindsets across three intelligences:

  • Digital intelligence
  • Cultural intelligence
  • Business intelligence

This session introduces the intelligences and potential barriers to their development. Delegates complete an assessment prior to the program and their results provide input to targeted goal setting.

10:45am  Morning Break
 11:00am  Mastering Digital Intelligence

The digital transformation is well underway, and HR strategies and practices that fail to optimise technology will hold their organisations back. Most HR leaders and professionals are on a digital learning trajectory. Awareness of its importance is generally high, but capability to optimise it is often sub par.  

Session outcomes for delegates include:  

  • Increased knowledge of the digital landscape - current and emerging technologies and workplace applications.
  • Practical strategies that can be implemented now to improve personal and organisational digital intelligence.  
 12:30pm  Lunch and Refreshment

Following a lunch break, delegates participate in activities based on neuroscience principles to refresh and refocus.

1:30pm Mastering Cultural Intelligence

“Relationships between workers and employers have been rebooted and new rules apply. Choice, diversity and meaning underscore the changes.”
- Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith and Karen Cariss, Authors

Unleashing engagement and productivity across a diverse and fragmented workforce is testing HR’s cultural intelligence. This session is designed to challenge mindsets and explore new practices relating to leadership, the employment value proposition (EVP) and career mobility.

Session outcomes for delegates include:  

  • An understanding of how to optimise interaction and collaboration in the workforce of the future.
  • Tangible actions related to leadership, the EVP, and career mobility practices.
2:30pm Afternoon Break
3:00pm Mastering Business Intelligence

“We can’t face another decade struggling to be relevant.”

- HR Executive, transport industry

Best practices in HR have been over-used and over-simplify human behaviour. Re-imagining 20th century systems and practices is an urgent priority to elevate the impact and contribution of HR.  

Session outcomes for delegates include:  

  • An understanding of how to use the Cynefin Framework to re-think HR practices and how it applies to performance management.  
  • Knowledge of HR practices that are not adding business or human capital value and next steps to divest or replace these.
4:15pm Prioritise and Activate

This session provides the opportunity for consolidation and application. Delegates prioritise actions that they have identified during the program and work together on how they will address outstanding issues and ‘elephants in the room.’

4:45pm Close




Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith

SVP, Global Research, PageUp

Sylvia is co-author of CLIFFHANGER and a regular speaker in the field of human capital management and neuroscience, and drives research and thought-leadership at PageUp. She has more than 25 years of experience in corporate and entrepreneurial business environments, including positions as Head of Selection and Development at Westpac Banking Corporation and Human Resources Manager for Citibank Limited.


Alison Brady

Head of PageUp Talent Lab, PageUp

Alison leads PageUp Talent Lab and is responsible for research in the field of strategic human capital management. She has more than 15 years of experience delivering organisational development solutions, consulting and advisory services to a diverse range of companies. Alison is a Registered Psychologist with a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology.

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