Posted on 23 Jan 2018


Since 1824, The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) has delivered excellence in education, research and patient care. MUSC is the state’s only academic health science center and the largest nonfederal employer in Charleston, South Carolina. The university educates and trains more than 3,000 students, residing in six colleges, have nearly 13,000 employees, including approximately 1,500 faculty members. It also staffs a 700-bed medical center and a nationally-recognized children’s hospital.

Traditionally, applying for jobs across the MUSC enterprise was a tedious, repetitive process. With three separate applicant tracking systems in place, candidates weren’t able to see, or apply for jobs across the various entities; each of the systems were vastly different in their requirements and the application process felt inconsistent. This created a poor experience for job applicants and reflected poorly on the enterprise.

Stefanie Cole, HR Business Partner Manager at MUSC, was keen to find a solution.

“Our target audience was the applicant and we wanted to make sure that we were consistent with what they experienced and it reflected a high-performing enterprise. The challenge we faced was finding a system that was flexible enough to meet the differing entities’ hiring requirements, such as health care professionals versus academics, and that also offered a fully-integrated onboarding process- something that we didn’t have,” she said.

It was at this point that MUSC went to market for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that could suit all of their needs. After considering a number of ATS providers, including specialist healthcare systems, as well as those set up to meet academic and education requirements, they chose PageUp as the vendor which could provide the results needed.


“We were really looking for an innovative applicant tracking system and that was PageUp.”

Stefanie Cole, HR Business Partner, Manager, MUSC


“We wanted to have one careers site powered by one system that candidates could go to for all MUSC jobs and have all of their information available, from being an applicant to becoming an employee – in one place. It needed to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ so that they can access any kind of information or contact information and complete their onboarding activities,” Stefanie said.

“We liked the fact that PageUp was new to the US. They are very innovative and constantly changing things and we knew that PageUp could certainly address our academic needs with expertise in Higher Education.” Stefanie said.



Since implementing PageUp, MUSC has seen several benefits.

“With the help of PageUp we’ve been able to streamline our recruitment processes so that we are able to spend more time on qualifying star candidates, instead of sifting through every application. We certainly haven’t lost anything by not having a healthcare-specific system.” Stefanie said.

“One of the biggest improvements has been our reporting. We hardly got any reporting out of our old applicant tracking system and we weren’t able to track things like time-to-fill or time-to-hire. I’m not really an IT person, so I like the fact that I can go into the PageUp system and drill down and filter my reports to get what I need pretty easily. We now know if we need to do more active or passive recruiting for positions – something we didn’t have visibility to previously,” she added.

The uptake of the PageUp system across hiring managers has also been positive.

“Our hiring managers love how they can see everything they need to concentrate on each day from their dashboard which they look at first thing each morning. They find the system easy to maneuver through and love the offer process since there is no paper and it’s all done online. Most of all, they are finding the bulk move capability is saving them time. They can bulk move applicants, they can bulk send applications to a peer interview team – they’re loving the ease of all of these functions,” Stefanie said.

Job applicants and employees have also noticed the difference since switching to PageUp.

“Our applicants like the fact that they can see positions across all of the different entities and they don’t have to go to a different site to see all the jobs. We have also received a lot of feedback from employees regarding the onboarding portal. They like the fact that they can keep up with what they need and we are constantly in touch with them.” Stefanie said.

MUSC also recently integrated its preferred assessment provider with PageUp in an effort to make its candidate experience even more seamless.