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Find below common questions that arise from Agencies


How do I list jobs on my Agency website?

These instructions are best performed by your web developer that has access to edit your website.

There are 3 lines that need updating

1. A link to the PageUp js Library
2. A Javascript function to specific the jobs you need and layout and styling options
3. A Div where you want the jobs to be placed on your page

Here is an example of the code

NOTE: In following example you need to replace: Economic Development Board with your Agency name as it is listed on

Sample code here

A full online js builder for widgets is available here:

Alternative options for web developers is to consume the RSS feed of jobs

Or a json feed (replace national%20youth%20council with the agency name)

Contact Simon Cariss 91167333 for assistance setting up this code on your website.

Unable to access Careers@Gov outside of office?

  • 1. Are you connected to the internet? Are you connected to VPN?
  • 2. Please go to and send a screenshot of the IP to XX.
  • 3. Your IP will need to be added to a restricted list. Once this is has been completed you will be notified to test your access.

Where can I find an online version of the user guides?

  • 1. Go to the Employers login in Careers@Gov
  • 2. Click on ‘Documents’ on the right hand menu.
  • 3. Click on the relevant folder for the type of training material you are looking for.
  • 4. Click ‘View’.

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