By: Alison Brady, Head of PageUp Talent Lab, PageUp

Posted on 26 Sep 2016

“Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” ~ Stephen King

Is this the case for Peter Senge’s best-selling 1990 publication: The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization?

Some people would contend that the principles in this book have never aged. A present-day literature review of organisational agility and learning will uncover frequent reference to Senge’s five disciplines:

  1. Systems thinking
  2. Shared vision
  3. Team learning
  4. Mental models
  5. Personal mastery

These are put forward as the characteristics of innovative organisations and the basis for continual learning and adaptability. Indeed, many current business leaders were schooled in Senge’s five disciplines and continue to apply them today.

PageUp Talent Lab contributor, Kevin Wheeler, addresses their contemporary relevance in his recent article, Five Disciplines of Organizational Success. Kevin hypothesises that the five disciplines are more applicable in 21st century organisations than they were at the time of Senge’s original publication. In the pages that follow he provides an elegant explanation of each of them and examples of their successful application today. In doing so, Kevin highlights the evolution of Senge’s five disciplines (e.g. crowd sourcing is put forward as “an innovative twist on team learning”) and their ongoing relevance.

I recommend this article to any business leader seeking to create an agile, continuous learning environment.

You can access it here:
Five Disciplines of Organizational Success
by Kevin Wheeler | June 14 2016 | Future of Talent Institute

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! I’m keen to hear your feedback.

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