Performance Management

Performance Management

Drive continuous performance improvement.

The PageUp People Performance Management system goes beyond monitoring the progress of employees to facilitate true performance improvement. By guiding busy line managers through each stage of the process and providing a platform for effective conversations, you can quickly and easily help managers set and evaluate goals, identify high-potential employees, flag under-performers and retain stars.

Comprehensive Functionality

The PageUp People Performance Management System drives business transformation by enabling everyday performance management, productive conversations and feedback, and the analysis of performance across the overall organization. Employees and managers are engaged through a visual, intuitive tool that goes beyond process compliance to provide information that facilitates meaningful manager-employee interactions.

Innovative Journaling and Conversation Tools

A simple-to-use journaling tool allows employees and managers to capture performance feedback at any time, from anywhere. Employees and managers can directly add to the journal at any time with feedback or updates on progress, even via email. The 1-on-1 discussion functionality enables employees and managers to capture the content and outcomes of their regular performance discussions. Employees can select the right discussion form and download it for offline use. This helps ensure that discussion outcomes are captured even when it is not possible for the manager and employee to be online while they are having their conversation.


PageUp People Compensation seamlessly links with the Performance Management System to support pay-for-performance rewards and ensuring company-wide standardization while reducing business risk.

Flexible Reporting

With a high degree of flexibility on performance reporting and the Report Builder’s drag-and-drop interface, you can easily build reports for different audiences, make them available to managers and/or schedule reports for automatic email delivery.

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