Learn how our SaaS-based unified talent management platform facilitates global efficiency across all talent management functions while enabling you to be highly responsive at a local level.

  • Recruitment & Selection
    Attract, identify and select the critical talent that will keep your organization ahead of the competition.
  • Performance Management
    Set actionable goals, identify gaps and evaluate performance shortfalls to continuously drive performance improvement.
  • Training & Development
    Leverage informal learning platforms, social media, assessments and comprehensive reporting to grow and develop your talent.
  • Retention & Succession
    Conduct in-depth organizational health checks to highlight skill gaps as well as engagement and retention risks.
  • Career Tracking
    Discover CareerPath, our new solution that revolutionizes employee development, critical skills retention and workforce planning.
  • Capability Framework
    Learn about our behavioral competency-based, Capability Framework which underpins our technology solutions.

Consulting Services

Learn how our talent management consulting services help organizations ensure that international talent management best practices are instilled in HR processes and enabling technologies.

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