Latest Research

Latest Research

Talented Southeast Asia – Coming to in March


What are the primary talent management challenges faced by multinational corporations with key operations in the South-East Asian region? How are the world's best companies solving them? Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith, SVP Global Research interviews HR executives who have experienced these challenges and succeeded.

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Into India: Talent Management Essentials in a Land of Optimism

White Paper

The report explores the opportunities unique to the Indian market, which has grown consistently as other economies around the world have stalled.

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Into Indonesia – Talent management essentials in an emerging democracy

White Paper

This white paper explores the unique human capital management challenges confronting MNCs seeking to enter or expand their operations in Indonesia.

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Article: Seeking a New Generation of Workers in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is facing a new challenge. There is a global, industry-wide shortage of one of the key resources these companies need for sustainable growth: talent.

White Paper: Into China – Talent Management Essentials in a Land of Paradox

By understanding the people and culture in China, MNCs can increase their likelihood of tapping the potential of this enormous and exciting market.

White Paper: Into High Growth Markets: An Exclusive Look

Defining Challenges for Multinational Corporations Operating in High Growth Markets

White Paper: The Neuroscience of Learning & Development

Organizational initiatives and scientific breakthroughs will combine to crystalize the potential of your talent.

White Paper: Integrated Talent Management – The Evolution

Learn about the key organizational trends and technologies for the future of Talent Management, including the market, technology, workforce analytics and business considerations for HR leaders.

White Paper: Neuroscience of Performance: People at their Best

Gain a better understanding of human performance and its management by organizations through new insights emanating from the field of neuroscience.

White Paper: Succession Planning and Management

Surviving and prospering in the current economic environment requires leaders to review their talent management approach carefully before reactively shedding staff. Those that already have a SPM program in place should focus on overcoming their unique obstacles to a best practice system; those who do not currently invest in SPM should perhaps consider the value it could add over the medium to long term.