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  • MobileWhitePaperSmall Mobilise Now Australia - Are Australia’s Top 100 Company Career Sites Mobile-Ready? Mobile devices and social media are shaping the future of talent acquisition. We surveyed Australia’s Top 100 companies and found while job seekers are ready and willing to use their mobile devices, not only to search for positions, but also apply for them, many companies are lagging […]
  • Gamification_WP_Icon Gamification in Talent Management - Download our latest white paper and learn more about the world of gamified talent management and how leading organisations are using gamification to improve business results and connect their employees. Highlights include: How gamification improves employee engagement The science behind why games work Case studies of organisations that have applied gamification to talent management
  • book_website_image_sml2 Talented Southeast Asia - Talented Southeast Asia answers critical questions for multinational corporations currently operating in, expanding or establishing operations in Southeast Asia. What are the critical business issues for multinationals in Southeast Asia? What are the key talent management implications? How have the region’s best organisations addressed those challenges? Buy now Click here to download a FREE chapter: […]
  • Screenshot 2014-05-28 10.05.11 Into India: Talent Management Essentials in a Land of Optimism - The report explores the opportunities unique to the Indian market, which has grown consistently as other economies around the world have stalled. With a relatively young population and a highly educated workforce, India has much to offer multinational companies that plan to build or expand their operations in the country. However, due to high competition […]
  • Screenshot 2014-05-28 10.06.07 Into Indonesia – Talent management essentials in an emerging democracy - This white paper explores the unique human capital management challenges confronting MNCs seeking to enter or expand their operations in Indonesia. Often overshadowed in the Asian region by the monster economies of China and India, Indonesia is somewhat quietly, yet steadily emerging as an important world power. Vast transformation has occurred in a very short […]
  • Screenshot 2014-06-05 16.44.00 Seeking a New Generation of Workers in the Oil and Gas Industry - Article appearing in North American Oil & Gas Pipelines Magazine, March 2012 Complex challenges are nothing new for companies in the oil and gas industry that are well accustomed to extracting limited resources from remote locations. Yet, the industry is facing a new challenge. There is a global, industry-wide shortage of one of the key […]
  • Screenshot 2014-06-05 16.45.49 Into China – Talent Management Essentials in a Land of Paradox - By understanding the people and culture in China, MNCs can increase their likelihood of tapping the potential of this enormous and exciting market. So much has changed and continues to change. But China remains distinctively Chinese. No-one debates that China will grow, continuously and at times, exponentially. The question for MNCs is how to grow […]
  • Screenshot 2014-06-05 16.48.08 Into High Growth Markets: An Exclusive Look - Defining Challenges for Multinational Corporations Operating in High Growth Markets While developed economies struggle with financial uncertainty and slow recovery, other emerging regions are undergoing rapid growth, creating opportunity and appeal for multinational corporations to expand operations into these high growth areas. This new research highlights the challenges multinational employers face when operating in high […]
  • Screenshot 2014-06-05 16.49.55 The Neuroscience of Learning & Development - Explore the neuro-scientific underpinnings of the learning process, factors that hinder or limit our learning ability, including ways to optimize this most fundamental attribute of being human. Executive Summary The acquisition of knowledge and information, feelings and behaviors that would combine over years to shape who you are right now. Were you to look at […]
  • Screenshot 2014-06-05 16.52.28 Integrated Talent Management – The Evolution - How will Technology Enable the Transformation of HR and Business Management? Executive Summary The value of unifying talent management functions to achieve strategic business goals cannot be underestimated. In reality the ability to do so in large organizations has been limited due to the logistical challenge of gathering, maintaining and managing large amounts of information. […]


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