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Why work in Southeast Asia?

An expat technology professional’s perspective.

The best decision I’ve made in my career so far was taking an overseas post with PageUp People 12 months ago.  No – this isn’t just Singapore specific, we travel to and work with companies in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Hong Kong (obviously East Asia). Following are some reasons why – with a technology lens, but hopefully interesting to people in other professions as well.

  • The tech challenges are endless
  • The Asian century
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Are You A Mobile Candidate?

So much has changed even in the last ten years with the evolution of online and mobile technology, which has had an impact on the way organisations communicate with and recruit their talent. We consult with a number of clients around emerging practices and candidate accessibility in the recruitment technology space and we often identify commonality between successful and unsuccessful applicants. With the new year now upon us, a number of people make the decision to change roles, organisations or … Read more

PageUp People Takes Vegas by Storm

PageUp People played a prominent role in the 16th Annual HR Technology® Conference, which was held last week in Las Vegas. Attended by more than 8,000 HR professionals, journalists, analysts and other members of its community, the HR Tech Conference has been lauded as our industry’s annual “meet and greet.”

Taking center stage was our own co-founder and SVP of Innovation, Simon Cariss. Simon is a driving force behind PageUp People and his presentation at the conference reflected … Read more

A Colourful PUP Career Path

If you have read our previous blog pieces you know that every so often we like to share stories from our team, whether it be product insights, TuneUp reviews or career journeys. We thought it was about time we had another PUP tell you about their career thus far, meet Aaron Hardy, Solutions Engineer in Singapore.

Customer Service Indoctrination

Every now and then I ponder the source of my passion for people systems. I think in the end it … Read more

Product Management Career Journey

Last month one of our Product Managers, Vaughn Harber, shared his journey from Product Analyst to Product Manager at a recent Product Anonymous event, the team at Prod Anon have very kindly agreed to let us share some of their blog content with you.


Vaughn joined PUP a little over 18 months ago as a Product Analyst.  In that time he describes his learning curve as steep and fast; having learnt a lot along the way, he wanted … Read more