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The PageUp Learning Management Solution (LMS) combines:

  • engaging learning platforms
  • social mediasimplescreens_onboarding
  • informal educational tools
  • with traditional assessments and comprehensive reporting

to enable your organization to grow, develop and mentor existing talent.

“Formalize” Informal Learning

  • 70% of learning occurs on the job
  • 20% by observation of others
  • 10% through formal training.

In fact, most business leaders rate informal approaches (on-the-job experience, mentoring and coaching) as having more learning impact than formal training programs.

Our Learning solution facilitates

  • informal learning
  • the sharing of implicit knowledge from on the job experience
  • the natural tendency of employees to learn from others.

It opens the world of on-demand, social and on-the-job learning in innovative ways and proactively suggests targeted development pathways.

Comprehensive Functionality

simplescreens_careerssiteDelivered via Software as a Service (SaaS), PageUp Learning provides a central portal in which all development activities can be stored and tracked.

Underpinned by the PageUp Capability Framework, our Learning solution pro
vides the tools for HR to effectively manage development initiatives, increase access to training and track attendance.

A Path to the Future

PageUp CareerPath takes individual employee development, critical skills retention, and talent supply planning to a new level. CareerPath is a strategic tool allowing you to gain the intelligence and insight into your unique workforce growth, mobility and career paths like you’ve never seen before.

360 Review

PageUp 360 unleashes the power of streamlined multi-rater assessment to support individual development. Reports are

  • competency driven
  • provide specific development suggestions
  • support managers and coaches in development discussions.

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