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PageUp Recruitment connects you with the best talent in-market via talent technology built for the mobile and social world. Our cutting-edge, cloud-based software allows you to manage all of your proactive and reactive recruitment needs through one simple system, streamlining the entire recruitment process.

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There’s a reason our clients love working with us

We give our clients plenty of reason to rave about our Recruitment Management Solution, such as access to:

  • One solution that manages the entire recruitment ecosystem;
  • In-built proactive sourcing functionality via Candidate Relationship Management (CRM);
  • A simple, fast and positive user experience;
  • Mobile-ready recruiting;
  • Powerful reporting and analytics tools;
  • Seamless Integration with multiple partners, such as video interviewing and assessment providers;
  • Brie_HeadshotRobust Software as a Service (SaaS) functionality.

“I am really excited by PageUp’s CRM functionality, it’s giving us additional data and insights that we haven’t had before. It’s changing my world” – Brie Mason, Telstra

It’s talent acquisition made simple

No matter where you are in your recruitment journey, PageUp can help you beat your competition to talent with:

Mobile and Social Recruitment

PageUp enables candidates to connect in a way that works for them, and you, with access to a dedicated mobile career site, social media, video interviewing technology, online offers and contractor workflow/management tools.simplescreens_applyanywhere

Proactive Sourcing

PageUp helps you engage and capture passive candidates through proactive Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tools, maximize referrals via employee referral management, stay connected with past employees through an Alumni program, and keep new employees engaged from the moment they sign on via interactive Onboarding.

Workflow Automation

PageUp supports your everyday recruitment needs, including attraction, sourcing, selection, offer and induction of your new employees. We help you manage every step of the recruitment process with features such as automated talent pooling, streamlined interview-booking processes, tailored candidate searches based on your specific needs, simple job posting with job board integratisimplescreens_applicanttrackingon, and the creation of role-specific workflows.

Reporting & Analytics

PageUp helps you prove return on investment for your recruitment efforts through online requisition and approvals, role/market-aligned application forms and workflows, a Hiring Manager Portal, integration with your preferred background-checking provider and a powerful analytics dashboard proving just where your team are making an impact.

Seamless Integration

PageUp Recruitment seamlessly integrates with multiple platforms including online test providers, job boards, background investigation providers, e-learning platforms, core human resources systems (HRIS) including payroll, performance management, development and compensation planning.

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding employees is critical to overall talent management strategy. PageUp Onboarding allows for integration with your recruitment and core human resource systems to make the entire process from offer to onboarding, appear seamless.

Contractor Management

PageUp streamlines the recruitment process for contingent staff hires, such as contractors and temporary
staff, and provides access to detailed, real time reports for greater transparency into contractor acitivity.


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