Capability Framework

A sound foundation supports business growth.

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Underpinning a talent management strategy with a competency-based Capability Framework ensures a consistent means of measuring human capital deliverables against strategic business requirements. The PageUp People Capability Framework is the core foundation across the four key areas of Talent Management providing clarity and consistency throughout the employee lifecycle, and enabling you to cultivate talent and support sustainable business growth.

Identify the Best Fit for Your Organization

Designed by our team of Senior Organizational Psychologists, the PageUp People Capability Framework, along with easy-to-use online assessments, helps you identify the best person for the job by combining motivational fit, cultural fit and competency fit analysis to identify alignment with the role and organizational requirements.

Make Informed Decisions

Integration of the PageUp People Capability Framework across the four key areas of Talent Management will provide organizational clarity and consistency, allowing comprehensive data to inform decision making around human capital.

Develop a Common Competency Language

The PageUp People Competency Dictionary provides employers with a common language by which to describe the behaviors and actions required to perform successfully in a specific role. Adding value throughout the employee lifecycle, the Competency Dictionary organizes these behaviors in a structure and format that can be used to identify:

  • Requirements for the selection process
  • Specific training and development needs
  • Individuals for immediate promotion or future succession planning

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