Career Tracking

The future of development and talent planning is here.

CareerPath is an unprecedented tool within the PageUp People Training & Development solution that takes individual employee development, critical skills retention and talent supply planning to a new level. With CareerPath as part of your overall training and development strategy, you gain the intelligence and insight into your unique workforce growth, mobility and career paths like you’ve never seen before.

Give employees more than a job. Provide a pathway to their future.

CareerPath allows you to leverage a proven predictive talent planning model to confidently estimate the path, time, and investment required to prepare your workforce for the future.

Our one-of-a-kind SaaS-based solution can help you:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to employees by providing career advancement and future opportunities
  • Engage employees in productive dialog around career development and the skills required for success
  • Determine the roles and individuals critical to sustainable success
  • Link development plans to formal and informal training and learning opportunities through innovative social networking tools
  • Identify top performers and potential flight risks, and quickly provide the right development opportunities to retain and grow critical talent

We invite you to request a CareerPath demo to learn how our new innovative solution can help you develop, grow and motivate your workforce!